Chimneys are often inadvertently neglected because they are rarely noticed, operate well for decades, and show no signs of wear and tear until major problems are evident. At that point, the chimney may have shifted a bit, bricks may be crumbling, and expensive restoration may be required. It is much more cost-effective to maintain a chimney than it is to restore one. Waiting until the chimney crumbles is not a wise idea. There are simple ways to keep a chimney operating efficiently, standing straight, and lasting a lifetime.

Inspections by a licensed mason should be completed at least every three to five years. Roofing contractors can provide detailed information about the roof itself and alert homeowners to chimney issues, but few are qualified to determine the exact condition of the chimney. A professional mason can assess the chimney, determine if masonry repair is needed, and present homeowners with recommendations for solutions. The chimney may only require tuckpointing services to restore it to excellent condition. Bricks can last for over one-hundred years, but the mortar has a life expectancy of only ten to twenty years. Removing some of the mortar and replacing it will secure the bricks, prevent water from entering the structure, and extend the life of the chimney.

Other repairs may include replacing a few bricks that may be cracked or crumbling. Once a few bricks fall into disrepair, the rest quickly follow because the entire chimney is compromised. Catching that problem early will prevent further damage, and avoid costly repairs. Low pressure washing can also help protect and maintain chimneys. Adding a chimney cap or guard will prevent debris from entering the chimney, as well as keep animals from building nests in it. Metal caps can be installed, but a brick cap is more durable.

Most company owners, such as Mike Bruno, combine modern technology with traditional masonry methods to create results that are high-quality, beautiful, and cost-effective. In addition to repairing and maintaining brick structures, stone, terracotta, parapet, and lintel repairs are also offered. Caulking, epoxy injection, stone replacement, and complete restoration services are available as well. Custom work, new construction, and the addition of brick work to landscaping and entrances is offered for commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional customers.